Five for Friday- On Saturday

I didn't get a chance to get into bloggy land yesterday, as my day and evening were jammed packed! So here I am, a few hours late for Doodlebug's Five for Friday! Head over to her blog to see what teachers were up to this week!

1: Sub Day
On Tuesday, we had another day of professional develop around literacy, which mean, it was a sub day. We reviewed our guest teacher chart, since my sub hadn't been in our classroom this year. I felt a little bad to give her this craft project, but I really needed to change our decor out by our door, and I think they turned out great! Not to mention, Tuesday evening brought our first snow fall for the year, so it was totally appropriate!

Aren't these adorable!? Students also wrote a paragraph on what they are most excited about for winter. I used old scrapbook paper that has been collected dust at my house and used that for the patterned scarves. The inspiration came from a blog called Runde's Room. We used paper instead of pastels (largely because I don't have pastels, but I do have lots of scrap paper). I think they turned out cute and authentic.

2: Note-Taking
We've started our 2nd writing project which is a research project. After we learned what research is, picked our research topic (rainforest animal), generated questions about our animal, we practiced how to take quick, concise notes. We created this chart to distinguish between trash vs. treasure words when note taking.
We talked that since all of our notes would be on our animal, we didn't need to include our animal. We practiced together finding the treasure words and writing notes on the jaguar.

We also practiced organizing our notes into categories. Today, they were only looking for notes on what the animal looks like. Later in the week, when they were using their own books and animals, when they came across something interesting, they had to write the note on the correct page to keep their notes organized. So far, it's going pretty well!

3: Wrapping up our Character Unit
I feel like we have done some great work on characters in fiction. I am kinda ready for a break. We've developed this chart throughout the unit on some key aspects of growing ideas about our characters.
4: Wine & Canvas
My two closest girlfriends got together to go to a Wine and Canvas event. We got a deal on Living Social, so for 17 dollars, we got to spend 3 hours together, laughing, drinking wine, eating pizza, and attempting to paint (wine bottles none the less... how appropriate). If you've never heard of it, an artist walks you through the steps of painting a piece. Everyone there is painting the same thing. Even if you haven't painted before, it's pretty entertaining! Our paintings weren't the best in the place, but it sure was fun! I would highly recommend it!

5: TpT Store
Last weekend, I took the plunge and opened up my TpT store. I've spent most the week adding resources. I've only got 9 followers and no sales yet, but I'm excited for this new adventure and hope that it continues to grow. Feel free to check it out and become a follower! I would greatly appreciate it! Here are some of my products! Click the widget to the right to be taken to my store!



Hope you all had a great week! :)



  1. So happy to have found your blog!!! What a great post - LOVE that Guest Teacher Chart and those pictures turned out amaaazing!!! I, too, have oodles of leftover scrapbook paper!!!
    Growing Firsties

    1. Well, thank you so much! I'm glad you commented so I could follow your blog! You have some amazing products, ideas, and resources!! :)


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