Multiplication Math Charts

We just finished our first unit in mutliplication. My kiddos were so excited as this was what they were waiting for all year. I feel like through our inquiry at the beginning of the unit and all our practicing throughout, helped even my most struggling mathematicians to understand the concept behind multiplication (which is HUGE!) We made the bottom chart together during our inquiry lesson:
 I gave a word problem on the board and had students solve it anyway they thought made sense. We then did a gallery walk around the room to see how our classmates solved it. We asked questions if some of them didn't make sense to us and acknowledged others that helped us understand the problem better. We then charted what we saw people do on the anchor chart and I saw many of my kiddos use it throughout the lesson. We also practiced vocabulary for both multiplication and division (although the division anchor chart is on a different board) and we used that vocab often when speaking.

Now if only we could all master our basic multiplication facts... that's a different story. :)


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