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Welcome, glad you've found your way to my little corner of the web!

I have to be honest. I feel kind of silly starting up a blog and talking about my little experiences that many people may or may not care about (that's if anyone will actually read this.) However, it's been a whirlwind of a school year and it's finally coming to an end. With one stress ending (student teaching) and another stress beginning (job hunting) I am looking for an outlet to release my ideas, feelings, and experiences to document this next huge step in my life.

But first... a little about this past year:
I graduated last May from the University of Minnesota with my bachelor's degree in el. ed. My degree did not come with a license, as the U requires a fifth year licensure program. I would be apart of the U's new pilot program where they were implementing a year long placement with an emphasis on co-teaching. On top of full time student teaching, I was to take 6 method courses that counted towards my Masters degree. On top of that, I was required to be apart of the field study for the TPA or Teacher Performance Assessment, which was a 9-part performance task that dominated a good 2 months of my life. This program brought much frustration, being a pilot and all, and although I may have not appreciated being the guinea pig, I feel like through the effort I put in, it was a great experience. Not to mention, I am now one course away from my Masters degree, which I will be trying to finish after I get a year or two of teaching under my belt.

I've had 9 months of student teaching at the same school, in the same classroom, with the same teacher and students. All of it is going to come to an end in a week. As I look back, I feel as if I already have a years worth of experience to my name. I've gotten to see student growth from beginning to (almost) end. I've gotten to build real relationships with colleagues and students. I've been able to identify and (begin to) develop my own teaching philosophy and strategies. Now... if only a school will take a chance on a 'first year' teacher. This may be my biggest challenge yet, as I've already heard the: "Oh, she's a student teacher applying for the position? Tell her not even to bother," excuse. But I am trying to keep my head high and maintain my faith in my ability to be an excellent educator.

That's all for now. Check back for news on the job search, some of my teaching stories, or any other little teaching tid-bits.


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