4 more days...

I had my last Monday with my kiddos today. I am trying to soak up every last comment, smile, and "eureka moment,"that I can before I step out of the classroom. I've learned so much at my placement, and it was the students who taught me the most. They give the best feedback (whether they know they are or not), present me with unique challenges, and remind me how important they are to our world. I am so lucky to get to work with such neat little people. Leaving them will be bittersweet on Friday...

On another note, I had my final evaluation with my cooperating teacher and my University supervisor. I had made improvement from my mid-term evaluation and was pretty happy with what I saw today. There is still one focus that I need a bit more work on, which is one I've been working on all year. But to see the "demonstrates effectively" box checked for all the others made me feel like I am ready for my own classroom. Even my cooperating teacher said that my main goal now is just to get experience, to get my own classroom. Funny thing is, not many people I have come into contact with so far are willing to 'take a chance' on a first year teacher. But I feel like if I even just get an interview, I would be able to demonstrate my competence in this field and my passion that I would bring to it.

It'll be a nerve-wracking next couple of months. I don't anticipate to hear of any potential job offerings until August. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed until then!


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